Hi ! I am Eli, for many years I was having trouble sleeping and struggled to feel satisfied with my night’s rest. I couldn’t go to sleep when I wanted and I couldn’t stay asleep for a few hours straight.

After many years of tossing and turning, trying to find the right solution to his sleep troubles through melatonin, sprays, and medications–he found an inkling of hope. Someone recommended a sleep spray product to him that changed his life, and nighttime, forever. Once Eli’s energy came back to him, his days became more productive, he felt more well-rested, and he began to explore this mysterious healing spray. He researched the ingredients and discovered they were all natural and non-toxic. The product didn’t have lingering side effects and the ingredients were easy to source. He began to create his own samples, and through testing, research, and refining, he finally developed a sleep spray that solved his sleeping issues. He had to share this solution with the world. Eli’s mission through Ellabz is to change the way people sleep. He believes sleep is the foundation of good health and through this, all aspects of life can be improved. He hopes that his sleep spray will aid people’s lives and enhance their work, relationships, and overall health. Seeing the value in natural, homeopathic ingredients and the ways they can minimize chronic diseases and health issues, he continues to spread the word about Ellabz sleep spray.

Ellabz Sleeping Spray - Promote Better Sleep


Don't let exhaustion and stress ruin your day - try our sleep spray. You'll appreciate that:
  • 100% natural: All-natural, homeopathic ingredients that heal the cause, not just the symptom
  • 100% proven to work: Developed with science-backed research and healthy experiments to find a unified proven solution
  • TSA approved: Take on your next plane ride and experience the deepest sleep you’ve had in the air
  • Zero melatonin: No melatonin means you can take it with other medications and have peace of mind
  • Zero negative side effects: No drowsiness, no immune deficiency, just pure, healthy ingredients from the earth
  • Safe for all ages: Your child, from age 2 and up, can take this before bedtime
  • Gluten-free & Vegan: Safe for celiacs and animal friendly.
  • Non-GMO: No hidden chemicals or weird growth hormones
Homeopathic Remedy for Insomnia


Kathrine Weiss
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